Vista Calif., November 13, 2006 / PRWeb — Predator Motorsports Inc. today announced that it has released an economical conversion to increase the efficiency of the H2 Hummer for lower green house gas emissions and an increase in fuel economy of 100-180% depending upon options.

Predator Motorsports Inc. has developed a conversion for the H2 Hummer to a GM Duramax Diesel Engine and Allison 6-speed Transmission. The conversion for the GM Hummer H2 to Diesel doubles the fuel economy from 12 mpg to 24 mpg under the performance setting and can increase the fuel economy upwards of 30 mpg under an economy setting.

“The key to this efficiency”, said Dan Wilson, Predator Engineer, “is the ability to offer our customers the select ability of 2wd or 4wd with the push of a button as apposed to the stock GM Hummer H2 in full time All Wheel Drive. Couple this with the efficiency of the Duramax Diesel LBZ Engine and the 6-Speed Allison Transmission and we have created a very efficient vehicle.”

The conversion consists of removing the stock 6.0 liter Gas Engine, 4-speed Transmission and the All Wheel Drive Transfer Case. Then a brand new Duramax LBZ Engine, 6-Speed Allison Transmission and Selectable Transfercase are installed. Along with this, multiple computers, cooling upgrades and wiring harnesses are installed to complete the conversion. Predator offers many options such as performance upgrades boasting up to 800 hp and fuel economy upgrades which can top out your economy in the low 30 mpg range.

Predator also offers several Flex Fuel options for the GM H2 Duramax Conversion. “Economy is at the forefront of our conversion”. Said Ryan Wilson, President. “To maintain a future for our children we must all start to make a difference today. We have many options for our customers including the option of running Bio Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and hybrid fuels including Propane and Natural Gas.”

About Predator Motorsports, Inc.

Predator Motorsports, Inc., Vista, Calif., is the world’s largest exclusive Hummer accessory manufacturer. Predator has been in business for 9 years distributing their products and services to the Hummer community.

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