July 21, 2010

Predator Duramax Hummer unveiled at ComicCon with West Coast Customs for computer giant Alienware!

Just in time for this week’s Comic Con, Predator Inc. teams up with West Coast Customs to unveiled its customized Hummer for computer game maker Alienware.com. It’s a beast.

There’s no soft edges to this Hummer. West Coast Customs, best known as the outfit that started MTV’s Pimp My Ride, made this one tough with trail lights and lots of other do-dads. Predator Inc. built the Duramax Hummer H1 and turned it over to WCC for the final build out for Alienware.

It’s going to be shown at the big comic book convention in San Diego, then it hits the road for a 2 year long tour through the US.

Watch for the complete build out on WCC’s Street Customs TV show on Discovery HD this fall! Its going to be insane!

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