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Stephen Troy Jr. – Founder CEO of Troy Industries Inc.

Troy Industries

Stephen Troy, Jr. is a Massachusetts State Trooper, an Air Force reservist and a successful entrepreneur. A commitment to service and a passion for designing high performance weapons have propelled his law enforcement, military and business career.

Troy was born in Connecticut in 1970 and was drawn to service as a young boy, eventually becoming an Eagle Scout, a member of the Civil Air Patrol, a Police Explorer and a martial arts expert. He began his military career in 1987 as a member of the Connecticut Air National Guard and later transferred to the US Air Force Reserve.

Early in his military role he began serious exploration of what would become a lifelong passion – the expert use and development of small arms. He took advantage of every opportunity to train and earned certification in weapons ranging from the M-16 rifle to the M-60 machine gun. During his military career he’s been called to active duty twice, has served in the Middle East and extended his training in small arms development and counter-terrorism.

Troy began his law enforcement career in 1988 and has served as a Massachusetts State Trooper since 1999. Several years ago, he began sharing his knowledge of small arms design as a professional consultant. In 2003, he and his wife, Oytun, formed their own company, Troy Industries, with a goal of designing and manufacturing top quality small arms components and accessories.

With an unrelenting focus on quality and innovation, the company enjoyed phenomenal growth. In only a few years in business, Troy’s flagship product, Folding BattleSights, gained a solid reputation as the industry’s finest. Other Troy products, including rails, slings and full weapon upgrades made a mark on the industry as well.

Iconic firearms manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger & Company, Sig Sauer and others took notice and began incorporating Troy products into their new weapons. Today, Troy Industries is one of America’s largest suppliers of OEM small arms accessories, with a wide ranging customer base of military and law enforcement personnel. What started as a small family-run business has grown to more than 40 employees. The company is preparing to purchase and move into a new large-scale manufacturing and office facility in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Steve and Oytun Troy stay involved in the day-to-day business operation and enjoy the challenge of managing a company with a seemingly unlimited potential for growth. They enjoy participating in trade shows and getting the word out about their company – and their Predator-built Hummer plays a large role in their work. They believe that by staying focused on the company’s original commitment to quality and innovation, Troy Industries will continue to thrive.

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Bill Wu – Rally Racer

Bill Wu - Rally Racer

Bill Wu retired as a doctor several years ago to pursue professional rally street racing. He has raced consecutively in professional street races for the last 4 years. Traveling around the world he races in the Gum Ball 3000, the Bull Run and many other rally style street races. For the past several years Bill has been racing one of his fleet of Lamborghini Mercialgos. Then in 2005, after deciding to look for a different style of vehicle to race, he came to Predator to build a custom flat black H2 Duramax Diesel Hummer. Once the conversion on his H2 Hummer was completed, he used the vehicle as a support unit for his Lamborghini.

On the last leg of the Gumball 3000 race, his Lamborghini Mercialgo broke down. Bill Wu decided that the H2 Diesel Duramax Hummer would take him to the end of the race. Problem was, his H2 Hummer was registered in the Gum Ball 3000 as a support vehicle and therefore was not eligible to place in the actual race. Despite that issue, he jumped into the Predator built Duramax H2 support vehicle to continue on the race leaving the broken down Lamborghini on the side of the road. His Hummer went on to place 2nd overall even though the vehicle wasn’t technically in the race! Since then, Bill has consistently placed in the top 3 positions for each of the races he has competed in using the Predator H2 as his race vehicle. With a top speed of 160mph and a range of over 1200 miles between refuels, the Predator H2 Duramax Diesel Hummer is sure to win many more races! Recently, Bill just landed a position on the new reality tv show “Bull Run”, set to air this next summer. Bill’s next project with us includes a fully ground up restoration on an H1 Hummer Race Truck. Equipment includes the latest performance upgrades such as a dual ball bearing GT 42R Turbo, RapTorq High Performance Race Tune, Dual Fueler CP3 Pump Kit, Predator Stage V Transmission Upgrade Kit, High Performance Fuel Rail, and Predator RapJet Stage 3 Injectors which would allow the truck to push the 1000hp and 1900ft/lbs of torque range. Fuel economy will also be important, as Bill will be racing the Gumball 3000 race this coming year. The Gumball 3000 is a race that stretches over 3000 miles from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida in seven days with over 120 Race Cars. Interior options will include a full custom Blacked Out theme using the highest quality leather and suede materials available. Additionally, the vehicle will be outfitted with a CB radio, Sideband Radio, VHF Radio, full navigation system, and police scanner.

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Caleb Bailey – Storm Chaser

Caleb Bailey Storm Chaser

Caleb Bailey has always been fascinated by severe weather, but when his home town was hit in May 2002 by an F4 tornado, he found his passion as a storm chaser. He has been flirting with Mother Nature’s fury ever since.

After several years of storm chasing in his pickup truck, Caleb realized that he was limited to only catching storms along paved roads. With a storm chasing pick-up truck, he feared getting stuck on one of the hundreds of dirt roads in the rural areas of the Midwest. Therefore, Caleb bought an H1 Hummer and thanks to Predator Motorsports fantastic work and famous Duramax conversion, it is now his dream chase vehicle.

As a Storm Chaser, Caleb Bailey drives in a 4 seater Hummer H1 Wagon with a Baron Doppler Radar, GR Analyst, Datastorm Satellite Dish, Swift wx, Lightning Detector, Anemometer, Thermo Hygrometer, Barometer, Altimeter, Garman GPS, Pioneer GPS, Emtac GPS, Iridium satellite phone, Broadband Internet, In motion DirecTV, Pioneer local TV tuner, NOAA weather Radio, CB Radio, not to mention a powerful Duramax Diesel Engine that can take this vehicle anywhere. This H1 Hummer has unsurpassed entertainment to pass travel time between storm systems. Every passenger gets their own window seat, each equipped with a 7 inch TV screen with built in DVD player and access to the Doppler Radar for easy viewing and an individual XM radio. As a passenger, you can also watch satellite TV on a flipdown monitor, or surf the Internet via a laptop equipped with a Broadband card.

In the Predator H1 Diesel Duramax Hummer, Caleb’s team can intercept a storm and not have to worry about flooded or muddy roads. With it’s 18 inches of ground clearance and 38 inch tires the Hummer can easily go through 3 feet of water, crawl over branches and debris in the road and get in or out of the path of any storm.

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