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Max’s Ring of Fire Lemon Run

Spread the word…we know how great the Hummer family is when it comes to helping out the community and particularly when it comes to children’s needs, so we are reaching out to you, again to spread the word and to help ‘Max’s Ring of Fire‘.

This year they have partnered with nationally recognized Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to bring the 2nd annual run benefiting kids fighting cancer. With this collaboration, both these great organizations intend to make a stand, together we can all do more for our kids with cancer, as well as give San Diego a way to support kids fighting cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September).

Last year, Max Run was a huge success – especially for its inaugural year. The event sold out at 300 runners and they raised $14K. This year they are expanding the run to 600+ entries including the Family 1 Mile Run. (Yes, Star Wars will be there along with a few other surprises!)

Please mark your calendars for :

Max’s Ring of Fire Lemon Run Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Lake Miramar – 8:00am

for more information go to  www.maxsringoffire.orgmaxs–ring–fire-lemon-run

We hope to see you there!

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Bullrun 2011

Predator Inc. has teamed up with the Bullrun for 2011 as well as “The Dudesons” and MTV for an 8 episode show airing in the fall on MTV.

The new MTV Show will chronicle the life of The Dudesons racing across the U.S. from Las Vegas to Miami in a fully custom Predator Duramax H1 Hummer for the Bullrun Rally.

The race left Las Vegas on Friday 7/8/11 and will end one week later in Miami Florida on 7/15/11.

Watch for more updates as The Dudesons conquer the Bullrun in their Special Edition Predator H1 Hummer!

Fore more information check it out at:

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