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Laser Tag

You really shouldn't look down the barrel

The Predator Crew got together for a fun time at Invasion Laser Tag…What a great time!!! The guys were running around getting out all of their frustrations.

We really had a great time, Thanks Invasion Laser Tag!!

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The push is on to complete the 4 Hummers leaving for Russia. We have had Vladimir’s Blue Hummer here for quite some time, with all the change orders we are amazed to see that it is going home. We are so excited to see them leave for their home, they were a awesome project and we hope they meet every expectation of the owners in Russia.   Vladimir and his crew will take them on a short cruise across the US, then they are bound for their home.

We greatly appreciate the Neptune Expedition allowing us to work on their Hummers.


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Our sincere condolences to the Ortemond family

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ortemond family for the loss of both Leon Sr. and his son David, this weekend to a boating accident. Leon Sr. was a good friend and part of the Predator Family. He and his son will be missed. The only salvation was that he went out living life to the fullest. We will miss you both.

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Meet the guys at Predator

Jeff, Paul, Sen, Rusty, Chito, and Randy work diligently to complete the conversions, upgrades and general maintenance on vehicles. At any given time we have 5 or more Hummers in the shop for conversions. The guys are the very best at what they do and take great pride in their work. It may seem like your job isn’t going as fast as you would like, but they are the best and take satisfaction in knowing that the job is done right.

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