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Mark you calender, Sept. 29 for “Maxx’s Ring of Fire” and “Touch a Truck”

Last year was a huge success, and we want to top that this year.

So spread the word…we know how great the Hummer family is when it comes to helping out the community and particularly when it comes to children’s needs, so we are reaching out to you once again to spread the word and to help ‘Max’s Ring of Fire’.

This year Maxx’s Ring of Fire and Touch a Truck will be at Qualcomm Stadium.   For the 4th annual Touch a Truck and 3rd annual  MaxRun 5K benefiting kids fighting cancer.   Together we can all do more for our kids with cancer, as well as give San Diego a way to support kids fighting cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September).

Last year, Max’s  Run and Touch a Truck was a huge success!!  ‘Touch a Truck’ raised over $40K to fight childhood cancer.    This year they will have the run ending up at Qualcomm where Touch a Truck will take place.

We are looking forward to having NSW and MARSOC at Touch a truck this year. The kids will get the chance to see LTATVs, Swift boats, 5 Ton and 7 Ton vehicles, they will also have MATVs.  There will be more exciting events to be announced closer to the event.

Don’t miss out, last year was so much fun.  The kids were able to climb all over the vehicles and see them up close.  This year is going to be bigger and better.

Please mark your calendars for September 29  Qualcomm Stadium 10-3

We hope to see you there!

Please visit  for more information.  And don’t forget to check in here we will keep you updated.

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Tech Note By Dan

Summer is Approaching

The H1 Hummer is known to have an over heating issues. Some of the issues are unfounded. We find at Predator Motorsports a lot of the time a little bit of preventative maintenance will prevented this problem. The design of the radiator stack angle makes it conducive to collect debris.

Nearly every vehicle that we do a Cummins or Duramax Conversion has a build up of leaves, pine needles, bugs, and other loose debris deposited on top of the radiator which restricts air flow. When you open the hood, it may look clear, however, you’ll find under the oil/transmission cooler, a build up of loose debris.

I use a coat hanger to probe between the radiator and oil cooler to see if it is restricted by leaves. If it is, you may have to loosen the A/C condenser and oil cooler to reach on top of the radiator to clean it out. While cleaning, be sure not to break or loosen any of the fluid lines.

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