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Touch -A-Truck 2015

Touch A Truck Event Poster


Predator Motorsports Inc is incredibly proud to be part of the country’s largest car show for kids held in San Diego California. Last year over 7,000 guests were entertained by emergency, military, race, custom, big rig and construction vehicles. This year will be the 7th year of the annual Touch-A-Truck Event and it gearing up to another great year.

Touch-A-Truck is a San Diego Kid-centric car show where everyone is welcome to sit in the driver’s seat of all the Vehicles on display. 100% of the Money raised goes to fund kids cancer research.

Here is the scoop

When our friend Max was three years old, he was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. Neuroblastoma is the most common soft tumor childhood cancer. Max went through an intense six month chemo and radiation protocols and earned a good year away from the hospital in remission. This little guy is a warrior to say the least. The Summer before kindergarten, a spot appeared on his spine at a check-up. The little guys cancer had returned.

For the next two years Max would fight, hook, jab, and wrestle with his relentless enemy. The constant fighting over the previous 2 year drained his strength. This warrior passed away six days after starting 2nd grade. He was only seven years old.

This story only highlights Max, but his struggle is repeated daily by infants, kids, and teens. In the U.S. alone, 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer every school day, that’s one classroom full of kids. Each week 46 children die.

Children’s cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for kids under the age of 15. Cancer kills more children then Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, and Pediatric AIDS combined.

Max’s story is terrible. Such a wonderful light extinguished before its time. Max is a hero. His life and death is an inspiration and the reason we Support Max’s Ring of Fire and the Touch-A-Truck car show.

Want to get involved? Please visit Touch-A-Truck

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Recaro Upgrade

Sometimes standard seats don’t cut it and it is time to upgrade! Recaro seats don’t come out of the box ready to install in a HMMWV. That’s when our custom fabrication team takes a few measurements, make a few adjustments and this upgrade is ready to install.

Developing new products, integrating new features, creating solutions based on the customers needs and technology advancements is a passion of Predator Motorsports. Have a problem with your Hummer that you can’t solve or a creature comfort you will like to add? Let Predator Motorsports make it happen for you.

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Adventure Time

Hummer on-top of a hill

Check out our friend Charles and his adventures in his 1985 USMC HMMWV.

Charles put his HMMWV through the wire and definitely has gotten “bang for his buck”. After finding his chariot on Ebay, the allure of owning a true American iconic vehicle was the driving force to purchase her sight unseen. He started their relationship by driving her daily for 10 years! Truly becoming intimate with the inner workings of his HMMWV, he has probably turned every bolt on her at least twice!

Charles, accompanied with friends, answers the call for offroad adventure several times per year. They head to Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Tremont, PA at least 2-3 times a year. In May of 2011, they were exploring a new part of the park that had a bunch of man-made obstacles used for rock crawling event. One in particular caught his eye because a bunch of modified Toyota pickup’s were maneuvering around it. He decided to toss in a little “Good ole American Muscle” and conquered the hill! The Shear drop off on either side, and the lack of visibility of the obstacles in front and to the rear of his HMMWV, It definitely made the adventure more “interesting”. In Fact his 4 tires barely fit!!! Check out a few pictures below from his latest adventure.

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Smooth Operator


This 2006 Alpha H1 Hummer came to Predator with hopes of separating itself from the pack. Just like James Bond, this smooth operator is a perfect mixture of rugged functionality and charming attraction. This Hummer is outfitted with full Predators Search and Rescue exterior accessory line. The Quick Silver paint and Black aggressive S&R accessories really take the exterior feel to the next level. The tires and wheel package give this H1 a bulldog stance without sacrificing performance . Driving this Smooth Operator is guaranteed to turn heads.

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H1 Gear Hub Heat Sinks

Billet Aluminum Geared Hub Heat Sinks

Our Billet Aluminum Geared Hub Heat Sinks set (4) replaces the stock access cover plate of your geared hubs. Machined out of a solid piece of 1 Billet Aluminum, these heat sinks will cool the Geared Hub Oil, extending the life of the oil and bearings inside the Hub. A huge advantage when under heavy loads, towing or high performance applications. Available in your choice of anodized blue or black drain plugs. Custom power coating available upon request.

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Almost There

6.6 Duramax and 6 Speed Allison Transmission paired up perfectly

This conversion is almost done. 6.6 Duramax and 6 Speed Allison Transmission paired up perfectly. Exhaust piping complete. 2WD/4WD/ALL WD selectable transfer-case upgrade ready to rock and roll. Few more things to wire and the body will get dropped down. Soon this vehicle will head to the testing phase. Almost there.

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Perfect Addition to your Zombie Killer


Our Search & Rescue Double Stack LED Light Bar comes complete with two 6″ Flood LED Lights, two 30″ Spot/Flood LED Lights and one 50″ Spot/Flood LED Light! This new light bar is arranged to give the best light output possible utilizing a completely new Light Bar Mount and Rigid Industries LED Light Bars. Simply bolt on and wire the switch in place and you’re ready to go hunt zombies! This Light Bar is incredible and arrives pre-wired through the tubing for a super clean and seamless fit and finish! Additionally this light bar is extremely tough with a total of 5 mounts. 3 of the mounts are on the vertical bars (similar to our existing HD Light Bar except with the addition of a center pillar mount). Finally the upper mounts attach at the corners of the windshield support using two nut inserts per mount into the body for an extremely strong mount.

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