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Circuit Design and Testing

A custom solution has been designed for the Tow/Haul switch for our Predator Duramax conversions. This design is a stable custom programmed micro controller that correctly cycles the Tow/Haul function for the Allison transmission. Also adding a dashboard LED indicator. Here our engineers just finished mockup testing of the program and review of the circuitry.

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*** Predator All Terrain Reconaissance Vehicle***

Predator AT-RV

The Predator All Terrain Reconnaissance Vehicle is fast, mean and dependable. It will feature our D-Max conversion, sporting 500 horses and 1000 ft pounds of torque! With fabrication all done in house, the possibilities are endless, giving each AT-RV build a unique and personal look. Be sure to check out the video below. Please feel free to give us a call 760-734-1749 to order yours.

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Predator Supports Datron World Communication

Our friends at Datron World Communication Hosted this year’s Vista Business Expo. There was a huge turn out from local businesses and community support. Datron wanted to spice up their exhibit with some eye candy and Predator answered the call. Datron World Communication specializes in combat communication solutions. Their rugged yet sleek platform was complemented by our H1. Glad we could support our brothers at Datron. To view more images from this event, please visit our facebook CLICK HERE

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Controlled Chaos

At Predator, we pride ourselves in our ability to take chaos and turn it into a masterpiece. Here we see one of our interior/electrical installers assembling an H1 interior with a few additions. The interior will look as if it came from the factory! Our clients are always pushing the limits on what they want to put in their H1. Each time , Predator  goes above and beyond the challenge. Want to get some custom interior work done?  Call and speak to our Predator sales team.

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Touch a Truck San Diego

This week at Predator we have been prepping for Touch a Truck in San Diego to help raise funds for childhood cancer research. If you’re in the San Diego area on saturday June 8 between 10AM-3PM be sure to come and support a great cause at Qualcomm Stadium.

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Vroooooom – Predator Race Day!

Another fun day for Predator at K1 racing. Our Teams continue to provide superior products and crushing deadlines. Work hard, play hard is the Predator way. Enjoy!

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To view the rest of the race day pictures, check out our Facebook

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Predator teams up with Datron World Communication’s team G.I. Jane

Last week Predator partner with Datron World Communication’s to support the Senior Experience Program at California State University – San Marcos.

The Senior Experience Program matches teams of students with projects submitted by local businesses and organizations. Students gain by working as consultants on rigorous, real-world projects that require teamwork and application of classroom knowledge. Businesses gain by receiving concentrated attention from bright, energetic teams that provide a fresh, independent look at their projects. Each student team works under the supervision of a faculty member.

Team G.I. Jane, 5 female accounting majors with no tactical , off road, and/or military experience , was giving a project to research, examine and recommend the best vehicle for Datron’s needs. They quickly went from ZERO experience in the off road world to being Subject Matter Experts in Vehicle platforms and capabilities in 6 months! Heidi from Team G.I. Jane and Roger Gillespie From Datron made a site visit to Predator. They came with the knowledge that the H1 was the best vehicle platform to move forward with to match their mission requirements. When Heidi ask if we would support Team G.I Jane, we knew we had to help take their final project to the next level.

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HUMVEE! Start your Engines! Humvee C-Series Kit Car

AM General Storms back into the Market with the HUMVEE C-Series Kit Car.

AM General blows the dust off and is jumping back into the civilian market with the HUMVEE C- Series Kit Car. This turn of events will allow customers to build a street legal HUMVEE!  The Kits comes with a rolling chassis (probably the 2006 Alpha), and the only thing you need to get the wheels rolling is a engine and transmission etc (on your own). This allows AM General to get around the EPA emissions standards and U.S. Government safety regulations that played a huge role in shutting down the HUMMER H1 productions several years ago.

All reports about the C- Series Kits state that it will come pretty basic.  Even though they are marketing the HUMVEE  on the civilian side, it will lack some of the creature comforts that Hummer H1 owners are used too. We have received  mixed reports but it looks like it will be downgraded interior trim. Lacking power doors and locks, door-mounted mirrors, hard doors, and even glossy paint.  C-Series will have a 4 seat configuration, soft top and soft doors.  Keep in mind , it’s a HUMVEE not the HUMMER.

We are super excited about the C-Series, this is right up our alley! Big plans are on the table for custom Predator packages.  With the C-series being so basic, it leaves TONS  of room for our Research and Development department to dive in and create some smoking custom work. With that type of freedom, every HUMVEE C- Series Kit Car leaving Predator will be unique.

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Stay tune for updates and Developments

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