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Tech Notes with Dan – Q&A Water Fording

Welcome back for another Tech Note. This article is a bit different. Dan received a great question and decided to share the answer with you. Enjoy!


I have heard that a civilian H1 will ford water up to 30in deep. I see videos where the H1 has water going over the hood. What modifications are required for deep water fording other than the snorkel?


That is a very good question. First of all most of the military HMMWV’s are approved up to 30″. Some of the vehicles are approved up to 60″ with fording kits. The fording kit has a valve located by the drivers knee that shuts off the radiator fan and the vent to the wheel hubs, transmission and transfer case. The exhaust is extended up the left hand side of the vehicle. All of the electrical connectors are totally sealed and the engine does not have an ECM (Engine Control Module). The TCM (Transmission Control Module) is located in a water proof box to keep water out. A manual throttle is used so the driver can keep his head out of the water. The HMMWV is made to sink to maintain traction, so all drain holes are left open.

When AMG made the Hummer,  creature comforts were added that should not get wet. This includes : upholstery, interior, electrical harnesses and connectors, radios, and Etc. I hope this answers your question. I have seen pictures of Hummers with water over the hood (I’ve been there) and this is usually for very short time. For example, crossing a stream or splashing in a puddle. It is a lot of fun.


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Tech Notes with Dan – Up Lift Pump

Tech Notes : Lift Pump The Hummer or H1 Hummer uses an uplift pump to help get fuel to the injection pump from the fuel tank. There is no pump in the fuel tank. This pump can be found in one of two locations depending on the year of your vehicle. Most often the pump is located at the rear of the engine compartment on the drivers side. The pump may also be located along the frame rail near the passenger door. The pump is mounted in a rubber sleeve to dampen the vibration during use. When you turn the key on, the pump is energized and runs for approximately 10 seconds and then turns off. After the engine is started the pump runs all the time. We found several years ago that the pump does not keep up with demand. We saw the pressure gauge actually go to zero. Several years ago at the Hummer Home Coming at AM General, I was talking to a representative and he told me that AMG use to have a pump that would keep up with the pressure and volume needed. He said he didn’t know why they went to a lower volume pump. He also stated that if we had a better gauge we would actually see it go to a negative two pounds of pressure. This tells me that the Injection pump is doing all the work. On our different Stage upgrade kits we include a new uplift pump to help the injection pump out.

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Another War Horse ready to go home!

We are always happy to see a completed project. It’s even better to see the Client smile EAR TO EAR when they come to pick it up!   We have pictures, but I promise seeing it in person is so much better! This truck is sure to turn heads!


Let’s start with the paint job. Face it, a solid paint job can make any vehicle look smoking. And this was no exception! We went with a Metallic Pewter (Am General Color Code P33).  It was the perfect color to match the cool and collected nature of the client. It really makes the additional accessories pop! Here at Predator we take pride in completing the job correctly the first time. We did a full breakdown and re-assembly of this H1 that included but not limited to:

Removing  Front Windshields and Gaskets Replace with new gaskets Removing  of Door Gaskets and Replaced with new Door Gaskets Color Sand and Buff Replace all Hummer Badges Brand New Door Seals

To make this paint job even better we had a BUNCH of exterior upgrades. Check it out!

Predator  Search and Rescue 10` Roof  Rack Predator  Search and Rescue Rear Bumper with 8,000Ib Winch  w/ Ladder and Light Rack Predator  Search and Rescue H1 Front Winch Bumper Predator  Search and Rescue Tire Carrier Predator  Rock Rails LED Light Bar Package  – Rigid Industries 50″ LED light Rigid Industries 20″ E Series LED light bar (Spot/Flood) H1 2″ Suspension Light Kit Black Anodized Wheel Rock Guard Direct Flow Hood Scoop  – Gloss BLK

Enough about the outside, what about the Interior you Say?

JVC DVD/Navigation Double DIN Custom Designed Bezel For Double DIN Stereo Modified  Madera Wood Grain to fit the Head Unit Installed A/C Controls Custom Center Jump Seat Cover FLIR Camera and Bracket 4 Person internal Communication System VIPER Smart Start GPS Viper Alarm System

Feel Free to take a look at the pictures, more can be found on facebook:

>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<

Questions about the build? Want your Hummer to have the Predator Touch? Give us a call at 760-734-1749


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Big Red Goes Home!

We have done it again! Another Hummer goes home to it’s owner.   Our client, Elvis Rogers, sent us “Big Red” for a Cummins Conversion and a little make over!

The make over includes:

H1 Cummins Conversion 24 Valve Low Mileage Take Out Engine Predator Flywheel Predator Adapter Plate New Starter Rust Preventative Coating on Frame Mild Frame Restoration- Black Paint Aluminum Intercooler 3″ Body Lift 5spd Allison Transmission- Triple Lock Torque Converter/Transmission Build Stage V 1200 HP 2wd/4wd Transfercase 1992-2006 H1/HMMWV 54mm Turbo Predator HD Cooling and Intake Stack Predator Performance Aluminum Radiator Predator Performance Aluminum Intercooler Banks Monster-Ram Air Intake Stainless Exhaust Side Exit in front of Drivers Rear Wheel (Straight Exhaust no Muffler Cat- for offroad use only) 4″ Diameter Check it out! More pictures can be found on our facebook page  >>>CLICK HERE<<< #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Read more

Mark you calender, Sept. 29 for “Maxx’s Ring of Fire” and “Touch a Truck”

Last year was a huge success, and we want to top that this year.

So spread the word…we know how great the Hummer family is when it comes to helping out the community and particularly when it comes to children’s needs, so we are reaching out to you once again to spread the word and to help ‘Max’s Ring of Fire’.

This year Maxx’s Ring of Fire and Touch a Truck will be at Qualcomm Stadium.   For the 4th annual Touch a Truck and 3rd annual  MaxRun 5K benefiting kids fighting cancer.   Together we can all do more for our kids with cancer, as well as give San Diego a way to support kids fighting cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September).

Last year, Max’s  Run and Touch a Truck was a huge success!!  ‘Touch a Truck’ raised over $40K to fight childhood cancer.    This year they will have the run ending up at Qualcomm where Touch a Truck will take place.

We are looking forward to having NSW and MARSOC at Touch a truck this year. The kids will get the chance to see LTATVs, Swift boats, 5 Ton and 7 Ton vehicles, they will also have MATVs.  There will be more exciting events to be announced closer to the event.

Don’t miss out, last year was so much fun.  The kids were able to climb all over the vehicles and see them up close.  This year is going to be bigger and better.

Please mark your calendars for September 29  Qualcomm Stadium 10-3

We hope to see you there!

Please visit  for more information.  And don’t forget to check in here we will keep you updated.

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Tech Note By Dan

Summer is Approaching

The H1 Hummer is known to have an over heating issues. Some of the issues are unfounded. We find at Predator Motorsports a lot of the time a little bit of preventative maintenance will prevented this problem. The design of the radiator stack angle makes it conducive to collect debris.

Nearly every vehicle that we do a Cummins or Duramax Conversion has a build up of leaves, pine needles, bugs, and other loose debris deposited on top of the radiator which restricts air flow. When you open the hood, it may look clear, however, you’ll find under the oil/transmission cooler, a build up of loose debris.

I use a coat hanger to probe between the radiator and oil cooler to see if it is restricted by leaves. If it is, you may have to loosen the A/C condenser and oil cooler to reach on top of the radiator to clean it out. While cleaning, be sure not to break or loosen any of the fluid lines.

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Laser Tag

You really shouldn't look down the barrel

The Predator Crew got together for a fun time at Invasion Laser Tag…What a great time!!! The guys were running around getting out all of their frustrations.

We really had a great time, Thanks Invasion Laser Tag!!

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The push is on to complete the 4 Hummers leaving for Russia. We have had Vladimir’s Blue Hummer here for quite some time, with all the change orders we are amazed to see that it is going home. We are so excited to see them leave for their home, they were a awesome project and we hope they meet every expectation of the owners in Russia.   Vladimir and his crew will take them on a short cruise across the US, then they are bound for their home.

We greatly appreciate the Neptune Expedition allowing us to work on their Hummers.


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Our sincere condolences to the Ortemond family

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ortemond family for the loss of both Leon Sr. and his son David, this weekend to a boating accident. Leon Sr. was a good friend and part of the Predator Family. He and his son will be missed. The only salvation was that he went out living life to the fullest. We will miss you both.

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