Glenn’s Alienhummer

Glenn's AlienhummerI contracted a conversion company in Utah to do my conversion. They kept my Hummer for 4 months and did not touch it. On a weekend in June I flew out to Salt Lake City and stayed in a motel. The Hummer was delivered to me without seeing who brought it the next morning. I immediately took off driving it to Predator on Saturday. I did not have working AC and it was over 120 degrees on part of my drive. My route took me through Las Vegas and Death Valley. I was near heat exhaustion for 5 hours of the trip. I arrived at Predator about 6pm and got a cab to the airport and flew home the next morning. Predator was closed at the time. I contacted them Monday morning and they slotted me into their schedule. My Alienhummer was delivered to my door in September with enormous power and terrific air conditioning. I only had one problem with it that was conversion related 6 months later and Predator came to my aid with flying colors. The Alienhummer has survived two fires and that is one of the reasons I had it converted. I am very happy with it. It’s been a real adventure owning this vehicle for 13 years. I will be installing Predator high performance rotors and pads in 2 weeks since I have had many braking issues over the years. My two wishes are that Predator would design a new caliper system and open a facility in New York. I have been on many adventures with the Alien but this one was the wildest.