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Predator Inc. HD Turret Gear Box

Predator HD Turret Gear BoxPredator Inc. realized the importance of developing a solution for the Turret Gear Box failures as quickly as possible, while still focusing on engineering a long term, cost effective solution for the Turret operators. Approximately 30 days later, Predator’s answer was provided to both the Navy Seals and MARSOC. The Predator Turret Gear Box was tested by both groups and found to exceed all expectations.

The solution encompassed several unique advantages over other competitors. The Predator HD Turret Gear Box is over 100% stronger then the stock solution, fully rebuild-able in the field, and offers a considerable cost savings of approximately 50% less than the stock gear box. Continue reading and watch the Predator HD Turret Gear Box video by clicking the link below.

Click here for more information and a video on the Predator HD Turret Gear Box

Predator Advanced Tactical Off-Road Course

Tactical Off-Road CoursPredator offers an advanced off-road training course for Military and Government agencies. The advanced course is composed of a 2 week long, in field, training program taught by the finest team of trainers in the industry. The program is designed to advance a group of students with little to no driving experience into a professional and highly capable off-road driver with the confidence to accurately assess the situation and determine the safest and most effective route based on the situation.

Predator can build a course to meet the demands of each group or agency. Whether your field of operation is Afghanistan, Iraq, or a jungle environment, Predator can develop a challenging course that accurately depicts the environment and situations that a student may encounter while in theater.

Vehicle platforms include virtually everything from GMV, HMMWV, RG31/33, MATV, Toyota Hi-Lux, Hummer H1, H2, H3, Chevy Tahoe, Motorcycles, and Side By Sides. Predator can offer training for all of your platform needs.

Additional information is available on our secure website for Military and Government Agencies. Please contact Predator for more information.