Predator Japan and Hummer Club Japan Visit

We had a great visit from several of our good friends from Japan this week. Mr. Ishitobi, Hummer Club Japan Representative and Mr. Shuhei Murakami Owner of Sky Auto and Predator Japan,  honored us with a visit.

Mr. Ishitobi has a Predator Duramax Conversion and was part of the first Conversion that was performed by Predator Japan. He has since installed paddle shifters for the ultimate in drive ability. We are working with Mr. Ishitobi to develop a commercial Paddle Shifter Kit for the H1 Hummer. Mr. Ishitobi is an integral part of the Japanese Hummer Community and one of the most dedicated Hummer owners out there. Check out Hummer Owners Club Japan here:

Mr. Shuhei Murakami has served the Hummer Community in Japan for many years. His demand for extremely high levels of quality has made for a perfect fit with Predator. We enjoy every visit he makes out to Predator and look forward to a trip back to Japan soon. Next time your in Japan, visit Shuhei at: Through Shuhei you can get all of your Predator needs including all of our parts, accessories and Duramax Conversions.

Thank you again for your visit and we look forward to seeing our good friends from Japan soon.

From Left to Right: Mr. Ishitobi, Dan Wilson, Mr. Shuhei Murakami, Ryan Wilson and Cory Purvis