Predator Sponsored Hummer Club Run

Hello All,

Were getting excited about the Hummer Club Run this weekend. All the coms are out on the table getting charged which is always exciting as its one of the last things we do before a course.

It should be an exciting trip. Weather is PERFECT! Forecast is calling for apx. 74 degrees with night lows of 43. So make sure you come prepared for cooler weather in the evenings.

We have 3 instructors for the run, Dan, Jeff and Jaap. Many of you have already meet them however for the ones that haven’t, your going to really enjoy learning from them. They are a great group of guys with a tremendous amount of offroad knowledge.

We just wrapped up a course for SOCOM a few weeks back and the wind was howling. Gusts were reported in the 75mph range! We just got a few pics uploaded on our site so check them out to see whats in store for this weekend. When you browse through them you will see some of the brown out conditions we were facing! For this weekend, the weather just doesn’t get any better!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Ryan Wilson