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Super Charger with Intercooler

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Product Description

Are you power hungry? Our Super Charger Kit is just what you need! With our twin-screw supercharger, boost is instant allowing for more low-end torque and incredible throttle response. Not only do you get unbelievable throttle response, the Screw-Type Superchargers high efficiency allows for maximum top end power giving you the best of both worlds which no other supercharger can do.

Every system comes with an “Interface” computer system, designed exclusively for our H2, which interfaces with the stock CPU and takes care of all the necessary engine functions. The system also includes the most up to date charger on the market featuring an intercooler allowing us to gain even more power then before. Our system offers 502HP with torque in the 600 ft/lb range, while still maintain unsurpassed reliability and low noise levels.

No internal modifications are required and kits are easy to install. No one in the world combines so much quality and technology into a complete bolt on supercharger system than our H2 Supercharger Kit. We also offer and recommend our 3yr 36,000 mile Super Charged Engine Warranty, which covers your entire engine from any problems, although highly unlikely, that may arrise from your new Super Charger. Available in both Silver or Polished.



  • Installs in one day.
  • 100% complete bolt-on system.
  • No hood modifications are required.
  • More power in a smaller package.
  • 180deg. rotation of the supercharger provides a straight airflow path for maximum power and efficiency.
  • Internal Bypass Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss (uses less than 1/3 of a horsepower at 60 mph).
  • Delivers a proven increase in real world “under the curve” power.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • 2.4 pressure ratio capability.
  • High helix four-lobe rotors with 160deg. of twist.
  • Redesigned inlet and outlet ports.
  • Improved air-handling characteristics.
  • Acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions.
  • Utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors



Additional Information

Weight 125 lbs

Polished Show Quality, Silver Powder Coat