Predator 4" Performance Exhaust SystemPredator 4" Performance Exhaust System

HMMWV 4″ Performance Exhaust


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Product Description

4″ Performance Exhaust 

Power increased by 10hp & 15ft/lbs of torque providing Rapid Torque & Horsepower gains!

What can a 4” Predator Performance Exhaust System do for your HMMWV? Dramatically improve your HMMWV’s tone, increase in horsepower, and Fuel Economy.

Having that extra boost in power can also make your life a lot more fun in off-road terrain. Giving you that extra push you need to keep from getting stuck. If you live at a high elevation and often find your HMWWV struggling a little to climb steep roads, the extra power added by our 4” Performance Exhaust System can help you out there too.

Off-Road Pipe

The Off-Road Pipe removes your catalytic converter for off-road performance gains and constructed of high quality stainless steel.

**For off-road and testing purposes only

Additional Information

Weight 170 lbs

Aluminum, Powder Coated