Predator Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 4L80EPredator Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 4L80E

Predator Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 4L80E


Additional $500.00 core charge applies at check out. Core must be received in good working condition within 30 days for full refund.
Part Number: H1-PER-339

Product Description

The Predator Heavy Duty Transmission is a fully rebuilt 4L80E Transmission to “Predator Specs”. Each transmission is built utilizing nothing but the highest quality components including new clutch plates, shift plates, pistons, reverse gear, bushings, bearings and Predator Torque Converter. Each Transmission arrives ready to install to deliver more power to the ground for improved performance, towing and longevity.


Transmission Features Include:

  • Heavy duty rebuilt transmission
  • Ships complete and ready to install in the vehicle
  • Handles over 400HP/800 LBS ft
  • Better mileage and performance due to Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter.
  • Ability to reliably use exhaust brake.
  • Ability to reliably pull or haul heavy loads.
  • An excellent replacement for a worn out/damaged transmission and torque converter.

Torque Converter Features Include:

  • Full Billet Steel Construction in place of cheap steel stamping
  • 3 Disk friction surface with Patented Flank Drive
  • Stall speed is perfectly matched to engine torque curve for the H1 Hummer
  • Mixed-Flow stator works with Viscous Clutch Drive maximizing torque multiplication
  • Fully welded impeller and turbine vane section
  • Over-sized high load thrust bearings in place of plastic washers

Additional Information

Weight 160 lbs