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Hummer H2 PowerStep


Part Number: H2-EXT-501

Product Description

This Powerstep fits all Hummer H2 SUV & H2 SUT vehicles! The Powerstep makes access into the Hummer H2 much easier, especially for shorter users. Open the door and the Powerstep lowers to meet your feet. Close the door and it automatically retracts into its own concealed pocket, flush behind the rocker panels. The Powerstep supports up to 600lbs and is more reliable than other automatic steps on the market.

Unlike traditional stationary running boards, Powerstep drops down from the rocker panel to the correct step height when the door is opened, and tucks back under the rocker when closed, retaining the original styling lines of the vehicle. Unlike other running boards, Powerstep has superior load-bearing capacity. It utilizes a weatherproof motor and anti-pinch technology, and is tested to rigorous O.E.M. specifications. The step portion of the Powerstep is a painted aluminum extrusion and is capable of handling up to 600 lbs. capacity per side. The step itself is wide and flat allowing for good foot placement, and in the lowered position, it extends outward 10-12 allowing occupants to take more of a natural step in or out of the vehicle. A no-slip textured surface allows for usage in all weather conditions. Powerstep has been tested in a variety of environments and temperatures from -40F to +200F. Each Powerstep includes wiring, mounting hardware, and instructions!

Additional Information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 85 x 10 x 25 in