Search & Rescue Center Console RackSearch & Rescue Center Console Rack

Search & Rescue Center Console Rack


Part Number: H1-INT-262

Product Description

Engineered exclusively to maximize the cargo space and function of your H1 Hummer under the most strenuous of conditions. Our S&R Center Console Rack is designed to hold the maximum amount of cargo in virtually an unlimited amount of possibilities.


The unique Rack is designed to easily open utilizing the built in Hydraulic Opening Assist system. Additionally when closed the latch will lock the upper lid closed. Cargo can easily be placed on top of the rack lid for even more storage options. When securing your upper load, you have two options, one is to allow the side rails to securely hold the load in place. The second option is to increase the security by utilizing the bungee rope system that can be laced across the deck lid.

Restraint System:

Each rack arrives with our bungee restraining system which allows for an increase in cargo, mounting possibility and quicker access to frequently used tools.

Each S&R Center Console Rack arrives Texture Powder Coated Black with bungee rope, latch and hydraulic opening assist.

Additional Information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 12 in

Gloss Black, Textured Black