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Meet the guys in Fabrication

Eric, Josh, Ken, Curtis and Julio are our fabricators. They are amazing at what they can do. Not only do they fabricate the products that Predator is known for but if a customer has something different or Ryan comes up with a new idea, they are the people that turn the idea into the end product.

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Palm Canyon Wounded Warrior Run with the Hummer Club

We invite all Hummer owners to come participate with The Hummer Club and Predator Motorsports for the: Palm Canyon Wounded Warrior Run February 24, 25 & 26 2012 in Borrego Springs, CA 92004 for more information please contact John Herr chicagoan@vcweb.org 619-905-1965

This is going to be a great event, Predator Motorsports will have our Off Road Training instructors out to enjoy and supervise.  Please come out and support this great cause, let’s show our support for the Wounded Warriors!!

You can register online at http://www.thehummerclubinc.com

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Bullrun 2011

Predator Inc. has teamed up with the Bullrun for 2011 as well as “The Dudesons” and MTV for an 8 episode show airing in the fall on MTV.

The new MTV Show will chronicle the life of The Dudesons racing across the U.S. from Las Vegas to Miami in a fully custom Predator Duramax H1 Hummer for the Bullrun Rally.

The race left Las Vegas on Friday 7/8/11 and will end one week later in Miami Florida on 7/15/11.

Watch for more updates as The Dudesons conquer the Bullrun in their Special Edition Predator H1 Hummer!

Fore more information check it out at:





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Maiden Voyage for Predator Off-road Tactical Vehicle

Our newest feature to the Predator Advanced Tactical Off-Road Coarse, which we operate for Special Forces groups around the world, is done and ready for it’s maiden voyage.

This fully caged late model Chevy pick up truck is loaded and ready to take out to the Off-road Training Course in the desert and use as an Indestructible Training guide.  Putting this vehicle in some tight areas and extracting is going to be a great tool for our Predator Advanced Tactical Off-road Courses.  We are excited to be able to train Proper Rollover Techniques with this truck and give first hand experience for circumstances hopefully they never have to use.

For more information on our Tactical Off-road Course, please contact Ryan@PredatorInc.com or Defense@PredatorInc.com

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