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Hummer Club Run



If you missed the Hummer Club run Feb. 24 thru the 26th, you missed out on a lot of fun.

Predator Motorsports had some of their Off Road Tactical Team available to give instructions and guide the participants. They were able to learn a few things that they didn’t realize they could do. We want to Thank everyone that participated, on behalf of the Wounded Warrior foundation. We would also like to Thank Borrrego and the Anza Borrego State for all their hospitality.


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Predator Sponsored Hummer Club Run

Hello All,

Were getting excited about the Hummer Club Run this weekend. All the coms are out on the table getting charged which is always exciting as its one of the last things we do before a course.

It should be an exciting trip. Weather is PERFECT! Forecast is calling for apx. 74 degrees with night lows of 43. So make sure you come prepared for cooler weather in the evenings.

We have 3 instructors for the run, Dan, Jeff and Jaap. Many of you have already meet them however for the ones that haven’t, your going to really enjoy learning from them. They are a great group of guys with a tremendous amount of offroad knowledge.

We just wrapped up a course for SOCOM a few weeks back and the wind was howling. Gusts were reported in the 75mph range! We just got a few pics uploaded on our site so check them out to see whats in store for this weekend. http://www.predatorincoffroad.com/photo-gallery/ When you browse through them you will see some of the brown out conditions we were facing! For this weekend, the weather just doesn’t get any better!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Ryan Wilson

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Predator Launches Tactical Offroad Web Site

Predator Inc. launches their new Tactical Offroad Web Site this week. The new site showcases Predator’s Tactical Offroad Training for Military and Government agencies.

For the last several years Predator has been conducting Tactical Offroad Training for various Special Forces groups in the US Military and other government agencies.

For more information please click on the following link: www.predatorincoffroad.com

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NEW H1 Rock Rails

Predators Rock Rails are the answer to extreme 4 wheeling! Our rails will protect your doors and the side of your vehicle from rock damage. They allow you to stand off from a rock, hill, tree etc, by pushing the contact point out 3” and can allow you to pivot from them increasing your offroad ability. They additionally substantially strengthen your body by strengthening the most vulnerable point on the side of your Hummer.

To build the finest in Rock Rails, we utilized double wall ¼” Steel design which is fullywelded and boxed for the ultimate in strength, function and quality. Predators unique design utilizes an angular construction which wraps under the factory Rocker Panel Protection (RPP) substantially increasing the strength of the factory protection and adding a ¼” plate of steel that extends 3” under your Hummer. This extension under the RPP increases the strength by direct-bolting to both the side and bottom of the RPP there by ading a perfect Rail to slide on.

We didn’t stop there! On the front and rear, we have caped the Rock Rails to add additional strength and protection on the approach and departure from rocks. This gives substantial strength to the body and stock RPP by forming the new Rock Rails arround the entire outside contact surface of your stock RPP.

Next, we strengthened the main contact point of the Predator Rock Rails using Extruded Steel that is a full ½” thick on the outside contact corner! Finally we triangulated the Rail by boxing in the inside with another piece of 1/4 “ Steel which eleminates any flexing or bending from the Rock Rail. All hardware is flush mounting to offer a clean and smooth finish under your Hummer.

Retail Price is $1295. For a limited time our Rock Rails are on sale for $1150! Act soon before this sale is gone! Call in your order and mention Promotion Code: RR115

For more information please click here: http://shop.predatorinc.com/predatorrockrails.aspx

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Bullrun 2011

Predator Inc. has teamed up with the Bullrun for 2011 as well as “The Dudesons” and MTV for an 8 episode show airing in the fall on MTV.

The new MTV Show will chronicle the life of The Dudesons racing across the U.S. from Las Vegas to Miami in a fully custom Predator Duramax H1 Hummer for the Bullrun Rally.

The race left Las Vegas on Friday 7/8/11 and will end one week later in Miami Florida on 7/15/11.

Watch for more updates as The Dudesons conquer the Bullrun in their Special Edition Predator H1 Hummer!

Fore more information check it out at:





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Predator Tactical Off-Road Extraction Vehicle

Our newest feature to the Predator Tactical Off-Road Coarse, which we operate for Special Forces groups around the world, is done.

The vehicle we are using is a late model Chevy full size pick up truck. It is completely stripped and all fluids removed for a safe, environmentally friendly, operation. It features a full exo-skeleton roll cage which is welded directly to the frame, welded closed doors, tailgate and hood. Best part is it incorporates similar bumper and bumper mounted extraction points, to several Ground Mobility Vehicles. We are excited to offer this on all new Predator Tactical Offroad Courses offered to the Special Operations Community.  It will be a valuable training tool for teaching proper roll over extraction techniques. For more information on our Tactical

Offroad Course, please contact Ryan@PredatorInc.com or Defense@PredatorInc.com

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