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Back In Action

Predator is very excited about our BRAND NEW HAAS CNC machine. It arrived just last week and we are cranking out parts now. We decided to upgrade the CNC Mill to this new HAAS mill for several reasons. The HAAS CNC is American made just up the street from us, quick customer service including repairs if necessary, faster production times, and best of all has a much improved accuracy over our old mill. Quality keeps getting better and better! Now back to cutting more metal.

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In Control (Video)

Take a look inside our Tactical Off Road Course. It is geared up for the US Special Forces. During the course we emphasize maintaining control of the vehicle at all times. Here the students have the engine powered up while manipulating the brakes to control their decent. The terrain on this obstacle is very loose, soft and moving sand combined with a 55 to 60 degree slope. By keeping the engine powered up, and applying various levels of brake pressure, our goal is to keep all 4 wheels rolling. Remember, keep driving! Don’t let the vehicle drive you! (Video Below)

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Cummins Conversion Anyone?

Cummins Conversion anyone? Just like our Duramax Conversion, our Cummins Conversion is completely turn key, with a factory look and feel. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a few upgrades by Predator. Featured in the picture is our Predator Performance Cooling stack designed just for the Cummins engine. For more information check out our Cummins Conversion page. Read more

Predator Marathon Conversion – Time Lapse Video

Take a look at a time lapse of a Duramax Conversion Marathon on a 1988 M998 HMMWV. During a Marathon Conversion, a team is dedicated to your hummer and over the course of 2 days(weekend) the conversion is completed. The next step would be additional options and testing . The Marathon Conversion is perfect for customers who need their hummer back quicker than our standard conversion will allow. Contact Predator’s Sale Team for more details!


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