Predator Military Style LED Tail Lights


Part Number: H1-LT-201

Product Description

Finally the Military LED tail lights are available for your HMMWV. These lights add another layer of ruggedness to your American Icon. These lights are a simple plug and play with a perfect fit. OEM replacement, no bodywork require. Sets of 2.

– Features exclusive LED black out design
– Housing/Bucket utilize standard military color scheme
– Hard wired military connectors
– Conforms to FMVSS 108 & STANAG agreement, MIL-STD-1179
– Univolt Technology (12 or 24 volt systems will run without adjustment)
– Form/Fit/Function replacements for current product
– LED life surpasses the 2k hours of incandescent bulbs by nearly 50x
– Lens and housing assemblies constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate
– All electronics fully sealed in epoxy, making lamps less susceptible to shock &
vibration Faster start-up times and low current

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs