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Hummer Club Run



If you missed the Hummer Club run Feb. 24 thru the 26th, you missed out on a lot of fun.

Predator Motorsports had some of their Off Road Tactical Team available to give instructions and guide the participants. They were able to learn a few things that they didn’t realize they could do. We want to Thank everyone that participated, on behalf of the Wounded Warrior foundation. We would also like to Thank Borrrego and the Anza Borrego State for all their hospitality.


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Predator Sponsored Hummer Club Run

Hello All,

Were getting excited about the Hummer Club Run this weekend. All the coms are out on the table getting charged which is always exciting as its one of the last things we do before a course.

It should be an exciting trip. Weather is PERFECT! Forecast is calling for apx. 74 degrees with night lows of 43. So make sure you come prepared for cooler weather in the evenings.

We have 3 instructors for the run, Dan, Jeff and Jaap. Many of you have already meet them however for the ones that haven’t, your going to really enjoy learning from them. They are a great group of guys with a tremendous amount of offroad knowledge.

We just wrapped up a course for SOCOM a few weeks back and the wind was howling. Gusts were reported in the 75mph range! We just got a few pics uploaded on our site so check them out to see whats in store for this weekend. When you browse through them you will see some of the brown out conditions we were facing! For this weekend, the weather just doesn’t get any better!

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.

Ryan Wilson

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Tech Notes From Dan: FSD / PMD

In 1994 GM came out with the 6.5 turbo diesel engine. This is roughly the same engine used in the Hummer (H1) from 1996 to 2005. Here at Predator we get a lot of calls from people that are having trouble with their engines. The main complaints seems to be a rough running engine, will not start after shutting down, dies as they are driving along, etc. The list goes on and on. Usually we ask if they are getting a check engine light and if so, do they know what code is coming up (this usually takes a Tech2 Scanner to analyze). If you go to a dealer and he gets a code of 1216, 1217 or 1218, they will probaby tell you that you have a bad fuel injection pump and you need to replace it. This is because in the repair manual, these codes relate to the injection pump. In 99% of the time you have a good pump and a bad Fuel System Driver (FSD), also known as a Pump Mounted Drive (PMD) which is mounted directly on the side of the injection pump. There is no single code to differentiate between a bad fuel injection pump or a bad PMD. If you elect to have the injection pump replaced, this will usually fix the problem because in the overhaul of the pump a new PMD is installed. This will usually cost around $4,000.00. The real problem is in the design.

GM decided to mount the PMD on the side of the injection pump where it would be cooled by the fuel going into the injection pump. It sounds good and works most of the time in the pick up truck lineup however in the Hummer, the engine lacks airflow over the top of the engine. Additionally, the PMD unit is heat soaked as soon as the engine is turned off . So by changing the injection pump you are still faced with the same design flaw. It isn’t “IF” it fails but “WHEN” it fails. Several years ago I was in Indiana at a Hummer home coming and got to talk to one of AMG instructors who told me he always carries a spare PMD in his pocket when he goes off-roading. He said it has saved him many times. The real solution on the market is a PMD Isolator Kit which relocates the PMD onto a heat sink. There are a number of units on the market that accomplish this however most all are designed for the GM Pick Up Truck and don’t actually relocate it away from the engine. This is ok for GM Trucks however with our lack of airflow across the engine, it is a serious problem for the heat sink to disipate the heat it absorbs. When we began R&D for a solution for the H1 Hummer, we looked at a number of options before coming up with our system. We did not like the cooling fins because they tend to clog up in dirt and mud. Also we see the same problem occurring if you mount the new PMD inside the engine bay.

The solution for us was to relocate the PMD onto a flat plate heat sink and relocate it in the fender well area, far away from the engine. This solution has proved to add many years of trouble free service to the H1 lineup. If you suspect a bad PMD, shoot us a call and we will be happy to help you diagnose the problem over the phone.

Dan Wilson

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6 months old at still growing

6 months old at still growing, we shared pictures of Mizu with you a few months back…thought you might like to see him a 6 months. He is about 87 lbs now, but look at the paws! Mizu is so much fun to have around and such a love. We will continue to update you on Mizu in the future, stay turned.

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