Hummer H1, H2, & HMMWV Duramax Conversions

Predator Inc. Duramax Conversions


Duramax Conversions Available for H1, H2, & HMMWV Hummers

Predator Built Duramax Engines are the next step in the evolution of H1, H2, & HMMWV vehicles. Predator Duramax Engines are built for extreme terrains and field-proven with enhanced engine performance. The Duramax Power Train conversion begins by removing the OEM engine, transmission and transfer case and replacing the OEM setup with a Duramax 6.6L Engine (LMM or LBZ series), Allison Heavy Duty 6-speed Transmission, and a Selectable 2wd/4wd Transfer case. The turbo setup on these engines utilize a Garrett VVT (variable vane turbocharger) and air-to-air intercooler allowing instant boost with minimal turbo lag throughout the entire power band. Each engine is equipped with our Predator Raptorq ECM upgrade, delivering apx. 465HP and 1100 foot lbs of torque.

Stage-4 6-Speed Allison 1000 HD Transmission

The Allison 1000 has been the standard automatic transmission for the Duramax diesel since its inception in 2001. Predator’s Stage 4 transmission kit will ensure that your Allison transmission can handle up to 850hp at the crank (approx. 680 rwhp) and up to 1,500 ft lbs of torque without damage. This kit was engineered to handle our Duramax conversions that are equipped with multiple high-performance modifications.

Kit Includes:

  • Triple Clutch Converter
  • C1 includes: 16 1-sided spline friction plates
  • C2 includes: 7 friction / 7 steel plates
  • C3 includes: 7 friction / 6 steel plates
  • C4 includes: 6 friction / 5 steel plates
  • C5 includes: 8 friction / 8 steel plates
  • Valve Body Re-calibration Kit; Boost valve, Pump shim, & Gaskets

Transfer Case

Our new Predator HD Selectable Transfer Case is a vast improvement to the OEM factory with a tested and documented average of 15-18% increase in fuel economy. The shifter acts exactly the same way has it did before, except the transfer case will now have 5 positions instead of 4. By selecting the 2wd position, it disconnects all the power from the front drive shaft. Greatly reducing friction which will result in increased fuel efficiency and performance.

RapTorq ECM

Our unique proprietary & copyrighted Predator RapTorq ECM was engineered over a 18 month span with specific testing and development by our in-house engineering team. Our RapTorq ECM programming provides rapid throttle response from light-throttle to full heavy-throttle performance power. In conjunction with power gains, Fuel Economy is also improved on an average of 10-20% throughout all operational conditions. The primary goal was to create superior drivability with a maximum power curve within the exhaust-gas temperature limits.



Predator Inc. is pleased to know that through our continues efforts and core-value of “Made in the USA,” is not just a tagline, but a means for knowing that we strive to produce and offer a high-standard of excellence!