Predator teams up with Datron World Communication’s team G.I. Jane

Last week Predator partner with Datron World Communication’s to support the Senior Experience Program at California State University – San Marcos.

The Senior Experience Program matches teams of students with projects submitted by local businesses and organizations. Students gain by working as consultants on rigorous, real-world projects that require teamwork and application of classroom knowledge. Businesses gain by receiving concentrated attention from bright, energetic teams that provide a fresh, independent look at their projects. Each student team works under the supervision of a faculty member.

Team G.I. Jane, 5 female accounting majors with no tactical , off road, and/or military experience , was giving a project to research, examine and recommend the best vehicle for Datron’s needs. They quickly went from ZERO experience in the off road world to being Subject Matter Experts in Vehicle platforms and capabilities in 6 months! Heidi from Team G.I. Jane and Roger Gillespie From Datron made a site visit to Predator. They came with the knowledge that the H1 was the best vehicle platform to move forward with to match their mission requirements. When Heidi ask if we would support Team G.I Jane, we knew we had to help take their final project to the next level.

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