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Predator Inc. not only offers top quality Hummer accessories, but has in-house teams fully dedicated to research & development, custom fabrication, and a full-service center to meet the needs of any customers H1, H2, H3, and HMMWV Hummer. We pride ourselves on a high-standard of excellence, which is shown throughout the years through customer testimonials. Predator Inc. is recognized as the #1 progressive leader in high-quality products, innovation, and services for H1, H2, H3 and HMMWV Hummers. By providing a high-standard of excellence, our core-values enable us to meet the needs of any US Military organization and consumer Hummer owners. With our committed team members, we strive to meet the top quality needs of any passionate off-roader or US Military organization.

All of our products are built with the consumer and/or US Military in mind. Our products must meet diligent demands and go through rigorous testing to wear our name “Predator Inc”. We pride ourselves on product excellence and customer satisfaction. We not only sell a product, we sell a product backed by thousands of hours of testing, research & development, and our name “Predator Inc” that cannot be forged by any competitor out there.

We are also proud to support the continued efforts of “all” branches within the US Military. Predator Inc’s support continues with research & development towards new performance, innovation, and accessory lines to help better serve our US Military during combat and rescue missions.

Predator Inc. is pleased to know that through our continuous efforts and core-value of “Made in the USA,” is not just a tagline, but a means for knowing that we strive to produce and offer a high-standard of excellence!

  • Available for H1, H2, & H3
  • 3K Mile / 6 Month Service
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Ground-up Restoration
  • Full Diagnosis and Inspection
  • Duramax Diesel Conversions
  • Cummins Diesel Conversions
  • Engine rebuilds from stock to fully built
  • Nationwide Door to Door Hummer Delivery Service

Predator Inc. San Diego
1250 Distribution Way
Vista, CA 92081


Predator Inc. Florida
7101 State Road 52
Hudson, FL 34667


Toll Free: (877) 733-2867
Phone: (760) 734-1749
Fax: (760) 874-2973

M-F 8am – 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Sat. By Appointment Only