H1 Equalizer Cooling


Part Number: H1-PER-211

Product Description

Equalizer Head Cooling

Our Predator Equalizer Cooling System rapidly Cools and Equalizes heat within the heads and block. Improving engine cooling distribution and longevity. The Equalizer Head Cooling System is designed to improve the poor coolant flow conditions that exists within the OEM factory cooling system. Poor coolant flow throughout the block and heads can cause extremely high operating temperatures in the the block and portions of the cylinder heads. These unequal temperatures create heat-stress conditions that can lead to cracking within the cylinder walls. Potentially causing a higher risks of engine failure.

By generating proper coolant flow throughout the block and heads, our Equalizer Head Cooling System reduces heat-stress and high temperatures. Reducing heat-stress in these castings will dramatically reduce the risk of engine failure and help prevent cracking/breaking of cylinder walls. The Equalizer system is vital to a reliable long lasting engine.

**Each system includes a patented proportioning valve system which equalizes pressure for even cooling and crossover manifold for proper coolant flow.

Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs