Predator Triple Lock Torque Converter 6.6 Duramax


Additional $800.00 core charge applies at check out. Core must be received in good working condition within 30 days for full refund.
Part Number: H1-PER-350

Product Description

Torque Converter – The Predator TripleLok torque converter is engineered with a unique high performance, high-load situations, the torque converter bears the brunt of the engine’s force. Inferior torque converter designs can slip excessively, causing the oil to foam and boil, and the front cover to balloon, even rupture. But Predators TripleLok torque converter was specifically designed to handle the kind of punishment you dish out. Built on our premises in a state-of-the-art transmission facility, our TripleLok torque converters feature triple the clutch material, furnace brazed fins and our own billet aluminum stator design that maximizes low-speed torque. Tested in applications producing up to 1,000 hp and 1500 ft. lbs. of torque, the Predator TripleLok Torque Converter is the ultimate in converter technology.

The heavy-duty billet cover and three locking discs give you unbeatable lock-up performance. 

  • Billet cover with patented square flank drive
  • Triple disc CNC laser cut clutch plates
  • Billet piston
  • Redesigned spring dampener supports increased torque loads
  • Fully welded turbine and impeller vanes
  • CNC stator with high flow windows increase oil flow providing increase efficiency
  • Full roller bearing construction between high load areas
  • CNC cut pump drive hub lock into impeller housing and plasma welded for unsurpassed strength

Additional Information

Weight 99 lbs