Team Members



Ryan Wilson


Predator Diesel was started by Ryan more than a decade ago. Following in the footsteps of his forefathers by creating and developing a strong company that serves the needs of Consumers, Military Personnel, and Hummer Community. Ryan Wilson comes from a long heritage of Military, Government contractors, and Political figures. In the 18th Century, his family from his mother’s side left Berlin for South Africa. Later a distant relative Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger became the president of South Africa. Years later on the outbreak of World War 2 his grandfather Willard Carl Kruger led a key role for the war as a government contractor. Willard began work on a secret project with his close personal friend J. Robert Oppenheimer called the Manhattan Project. His father’s side immigrated from England and was part of both World Wars as well as the Vietnam War. Weeks after 9/11 Predator was contracted to develop extended range system for HMMWV’s leading the war in Baghdad. Within hours prototype systems were developed and sent out for approval resulting in thousands of units being implemented for our armed forces. Today, Predator Diesel has locations worldwide with extensive work in both the commercial and military markets. Ryan resides in San Diego with his wife and three children. He is an avid outdoors man, thrill seeker, and he's constantly chasing his next big venture. Whether the challenge is to create a cost effective solution for the military or shark diving off the California coast, he is up for it.


Dan Wilson

Vice President, CFO

Dan Wilson went to work full time as a partner at Predator in 2001 after quitting his long run as a Test Pilot for top secret government jets. Dan began flying in the Navy during the Vietnam War. His role at Predator includes wearing many hats with an emphasis on the mechanical operations and development of Mobile Force Protection Solutions. Additionally, he is one of the lead instructors on the Predator Tac-Ops Tactical Off-road Course for SOCOM.


Garrett Juhler-Robbins

Sales Manager

Garrett moved up ranks quickly and has taken charge as the Sales manager. He works hard to keep those smiling faces and orders coming our way. He knows whats coming in and out of Predator on a daily basis. He is into riding his dirt bikes out in the California Desert. We just need to find a big enough helmet to keep him from hurting himself!


Paul Hyde

Shop Foreman

Paul is a San Diego native and is the corner stone for innovation in our shop area. With a background in Fire rescue, he is a leader in priority management, risk management and is detail to a “T”. His understand the need for safe but functional operations that lends it self to the success of Predator Motorsports. Paul comes to Predator with a number qualifications from C.I.A.T . With years of invaluable experience, Paul excelled among his peers and has fully grasped his position as Shop Foreman.



Autumn Conquest


Maintains and enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. Also supports financial decision-making information by collecting, analyzing, investigating, and reporting financial data.