Meet Predator

Predator Motorsports Inc., a family owned company founded in the mid 1990’s as an Exclusive manufacturer of Hummer performance Accessories and Innovation. Over the years, Predator Inc. has grown into the largest Hummer accessory manufacturer in the world. Our corporate headquarters is based in sunny San Diego California, with sub-offices in Orlando, Madrid, Tokyo, and Oman.

Predator Inc. not only offers top quality Hummer accessories, but has in-house teams fully dedicated to research & development, custom fabrication, and a full-service center to meet the needs of any customers H1, H2, H3, and HMMWV Hummer. We pride ourselves on a high-standard of excellence, which is shown throughout the years through customer testimonials. Predator Inc. is recognized as the #1 progressive leader in high-quality products, innovation, and services for H1, H2, H3 and HMMWV Hummers. By providing a high-standard of excellence, our core-values enable us to meet the needs of any US Military organization and consumer Hummer owners. With our committed team members, we strive to meet the top quality needs of any passionate off-roader or US Military organization.

All of our products are built with the consumer and/or US Military in mind. Our products must meet diligent demands and go through rigorous testing to wear our name “Predator Inc”. We pride ourselves on product excellence and customer satisfaction. We not only sell a product, we sell a product backed by thousands of hours of testing, research & development, and our name “Predator Inc” that cannot be forged by any competitor out there.

We are also proud to support the continued efforts of “all” branches within the US Military. Predator Inc’s support continues with research & development towards new performance, innovation, and accessory lines to help better serve our US Military during combat and rescue missions.

Predator Inc. is pleased to know that through our continues efforts and core-value of “Made in the USA,” is not just a tagline, but a means for knowing that we strive to produce and offer a high-standard of excellence!

Ryan Wilson – President

Ryan Wilson - President Predator Motorsports, Inc. was started by Ryan twelve years ago, following in the footsteps of his forefathers by creating and developing a strong company that serves the needs of our Customers, Military Personnel, and the Hummer Community. Ryan Wilson was born into a long lineage of Military, Government contractors and political figures. In the 18th Century, his family from his mother’s side left Berlin for South Africa. Later a distant relative Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger became the president of South Africa. Years later on the outbreak of World War 2 his grandfather Willard Carl Kruger led a key role for the war as a government contractor. Willard began work on a secret project with his close personal friend J. Robert Oppenheimer called the Manhattan Project. His father’s side immigrated from England and was part of both World Wars as well as the Vietnam War. Weeks after 9/11 Predator was contracted to develop extended range system for HMMWV’s leading the war in Baghdad. Within hours prototype systems were developed and sent out for approval resulting in thousands of units being implemented for our armed forces. Today, Predator Motorsports, Inc. boasts locations worldwide with extensive work in both the commercial and military market segments. Ryan resides in San Diego with his wife and three children. An avid outdoorsman and thrill seeker, he is constantly chasing the next thrill, including Scuba Diving, Blue Water Spear Fishing 100 miles off shore, live fire testing with several of his special forces friends or surfing 15′ North Shore waves. Whether the challenge is to create a cost effective braking solution for the military or finding the nerve to go shark diving off the California coast, he is up for it.

Dan Wilson – Vice President, CFO

Dan Sniper Training Dan Wilson went to work full time as a partner at Predator in 2001 after quitting his long run as a Test Pilot for top secret government jets. Dan began flying in the Navy during the Vietnam War. After the service, he joined McDonald Douglas’s Apache Attack Helicopter Program. At the end of the test phase, Dan was one of two pilots that walked away alive out of a group of 6 highly-skilled pilots that went into the program. He then went to work for some of the largest aviation defense contractors in the industry as a test pilot. As a graduate of Pepperdine University, he received his bachelor’s degree in Aviation and currently holds FAA licenses as an Airline Transport Pilot, and an Instructor Pilot for single and multiengine airplane rating, instrument rating, Rotorcraft Helicopter and a Mechanics license, both Airframe and Power plant. His role at Predator includes wearing many hats with an emphasis on the mechanical operations and development of Mobile Force Protection Solutions. Additionally, he is one of the lead instructors on the Predator Tac-Ops Tactical Off-road Course for SOCOM.

Nyela Wilson – Human Resources, Accountant

A.K.A.- The Angry Accountant. Nyela’s role as controller is to manage the long term financial budgeting of Predator. She has two degrees through Cal State San Marcos and is continuing her education through additional programs. In her free time, Nyela enjoys scuba diving, playing the piano, playing softball, and challenging herself to try new things.

Garrett Juhler-Robbins – Sales Manager

Garrett Juhler-Robbins Garrett moved up rankes quickly and has taken charge as the Sales manager. He works hard to keep those smiling faces and orders coming our way. He knows whats coming in and out of Predator on a daily basis. He is into riding his dirt bikes out in the California Desert. We just need to find a big enough helmet to keep him from hurting himself!





Jeff Orr – Tac-Ops Lead Instructor

Predator Tactical Offroad Jeff Orr Jeff Orr is an avid off-roader and family man. Married with 4 children, Jeff has grown up in the Southern California Off-road Industry and is typically found in some remote desert with his family, if we’re not running a Tac-Ops Off-road Course for SOCOM. Before coming to Predator, Jeff ran his family’s business called WORR Game Products, which was the industry leader in high-end Paint Ball Guns until it was bought out by K2. Jeff runs his personal Predator Duramax Conversion H1 Wagon for all of his off-roading, including for the Tac-Ops Course. He has the power turned up on his H1 to around 650hp and over 1200ft/lbs of torque.

Jaap VanRyn – Tac-Ops Instructor, Engineer

Jaap grew up on the east coast off-roading in the back-woods of South Carolina. As an Aerospace Engineer by trade, Jaap is very technically oriented. He adds a unique approach to our Tactical Off-road Course by giving specific details such as calculating payloads, breakover angles, pulling mass and navigation in an easy to understand format that non-engineers can understand. His experience as a technical off-road instructor is unmatched. We are always amazed at the technical knowledge Jaap adds to the Tac-Ops Course. Additionally, Jaap is our lead engineer at Predator Motorsports, Inc. When our SOCOM course is not running, he is typically buried in R&D Data on the latest projects. Jaap is married with two kids and an avid shooter and gun collector. When he has an extra few hours you can find him out shooting at the range.

Paul Hyde – Shop Foreman

Paul Hyde Paul is a San Diego native and is the corner stone for innovation in our shop area. With a background in Fire rescue, he is a leader in priority management, risk management and is detail to a “T”. His understand the need for safe but functional operations that lends it self to the success of Predator Motorsports. Paul comes to Predator with a number qualifications from C.I.A.T . With years of invaluable experience, Paul excelled among his peers and has fully grasped his position as Shop Foreman.