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Elvis your Hummer is Entering the Building

We just received Elvis R’s Hummer from Texas and can’t wait to start on this upgrade.  He is getting a Cummins Conversion with a 5spd Allison Transmission.  We just wanted to let you know your Hummer has arrived!! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Read more

Alpha Transformation

Check out our latest Alpha Transformation, this Hummer has been outfitted with a D-Ring Brush Guard, Search and Rescue Roof Rack, S&R Rear Winch Bumper, a Front Winch Bumper and to complete this transformation…a Alpha Duramax Rap Torq ECM Upgrade, increasing the horsepower of this Hummer from 300 to 440 HP.

So this Alpah not only looks awesome it can move! 

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H2 Raptorq Performance Computer SALE!

The best performance upgrade for your H2 Hummer just got better. Limited to the first 10 orders, you can purchase the Raptorq Performance Computer Upgrade for your H2 Hummer and save a huge 25% off the retail price for an insanely low price of $449.96. Act quickly because once the 10 units are sold, the sale is over! Call in your order and mention promotion code H2comp25. For more information on the Raptorq computer check out the following link: http://shop.predatorinc.com/raptorqcomputer.aspx

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Press Release – Predator Motorsports Inc. has developed a High Performance “Raptorq™”

Vista Calif., July 23, 2007/PRWeb — Predator Motorsports Inc. today announced that it has released a High Performance Computer to increase the efficiency of the H3 Hummer for lower green house gas emissions, an increase in fuel economy of approximately 14% and an increase of 40 Horse Power.

Predator Motorsports Inc. has developed a High Performance “Raptorq™” GM Hummer H3 Computer Chip/Reprogram. The Raptorq™ program is the culmination of over 10 years experience in the high performance automotive programming and customization for Predator. The GM Hummer H3 High Performance Programming increases performance of the GM H3 by 40 Horse Power, on average, and increases fuel economy of up to 2 MPG over stock. Drivability is substantially increased by improving 0-60 time by about 20-25%.

“The key to the Raptorq™ efficiency and performance”, said Dan Wilson, Predator Engineer, “is the ability to modify and fine tune the data tables within the core programming of the GM Hummer H3. By fine tuning the data we are able to safely increase performance as well as the ability to smooth out the programming giving a huge increase in overall drivability and reliability.”

Each Raptorq™ High Performance Computer is tuned specifically for each customer’s vehicle. A new programmed computer is shipped out from Predator Motorsports to the customer upon order and once received, the customer removes the original ECM and replaces it with the Raptorq™ ECM and returns the stock ECM back to Predator. By offering a core exchange program, Predator is able to program within the data tables of the computer. This type of programming is much more efficient giving a substantial advantage over traditional hand held flash units in both performance and reliability.

Predator also offers the Raptorq™ Performance Programming for the H1 Hummer, the GM H2 Hummer as well as the GM Cadillac Escalade and Yukon Denali.

About Predator Motorsports, Inc.

Predator Motorsports, Inc., Vista, Calif., is the world’s largest exclusive Hummer accessory manufacturer. Predator has been in business for 9 years distributing their products and services to the Hummer community.

Brand websites include: www.predatormotorsports.com, www.predatorhummer.com, www.raptorq.com

Predator Motorsports Inc.

1250 Distribution Way • Vista, CA 92081

Phone 760-471-7058 • Fax 760-734-1749


PMI assumes no responsibility for misprints within this publication.

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