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Rob’s Custom Duramax Hummer H1

We are very excited to wrap up an amazing custom build for Rob.

After converting Robs Hummer to a Duramax Diesel with the Allison Transmission, we stripped his hummer down to Raw Aluminum and Steel. Rob then flew out for a quick visit to see the progress. After he saw his vehicle in a stripped down form, he turned to us and asked if we can leave it raw! With a little thought we said, “why not”.

We spent the rest of the day planning out how to accomplish this for Rob and decided that it would be best to do a two tone finish because of the fiberglass hood and steel doors. So Rob decided to go for it and as you can see in the pictures, it is nothing short of amazing!

After Robs Hummer was stripped from paint, we did a brushed finish on the aluminum. The 4 doors and a number of small accessories went out for a textured black powder coated finish. The tricky part of the paint and body work was integrating the fiberglass hood with the brushed aluminum finish. We decided to skin the top center section and follow it up with aluminum rivets to match the H1’s riveted finish. This was really tough and time consuming to get just right. We ended up going through 3 sheets of aluminum and many weeks of tweaking. The final product is a perfect balance of textured black paint and brushed aluminum work. Finally the raw aluminum body was prepped and painted with POR15 for a heavy duty clear coat finish.

On the inside we did a complete interior redesign by giving it a rouged “roll cage” style dash, custom gauges, iPad integration, custom switches, carpet and sound system. The great thing about the interior is that it really brings that rouged look and feel inside Robs Hummer without loosing the creature comforts.

We wrapped up the outside with our new LED Light Package, Search and Rescue Rear Winch Bumper and a number of other appointments.

This truck is by far one of the most unique Hummers to hit the trail!

We hope you enjoy your new Hummer Rob, just make sure to take care of our baby!!!

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Bullrun 2011

Predator Inc. has teamed up with the Bullrun for 2011 as well as “The Dudesons” and MTV for an 8 episode show airing in the fall on MTV.

The new MTV Show will chronicle the life of The Dudesons racing across the U.S. from Las Vegas to Miami in a fully custom Predator Duramax H1 Hummer for the Bullrun Rally.

The race left Las Vegas on Friday 7/8/11 and will end one week later in Miami Florida on 7/15/11.

Watch for more updates as The Dudesons conquer the Bullrun in their Special Edition Predator H1 Hummer!

Fore more information check it out at:





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H2 Duramax For Sale

For Sale by original owner a 2005 Hummer H2 – BioDiesel Ready Duramax Conversion by Predator Motorsports Inc.

This H2 was converted to a Duramax Diesel by the best in the business, Predator Motorsports! All the fuel lines were upgraded to accept Biodiesel to make this Hummer the ultimate “green” mobile. By converting to a diesel engine, the stock H2 gains 200 more HP and nearly doubles it’s gas mileage! Most people would be totally cool with that, I wanted more so we installed a huge Turbo, upgraded the transmission to an Allison tuned the ECU, added a duel fuel pump system, another battery, full body kit, including Hood cowl lights, upgraded the head lights to super bright HID’s, custom satin black powder coated 20” wheels, added a huge inter cooler, more efficient air filter, Wet Okole neoprene seat covers, Kenwood DNX9960 GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, iPod connector, JL AUDIO 320w amp, upgraded speakers, 7” screens in each headrest, wireless headphones, back-up camera, Viper 5902 Alarm system, with remote start, controllable from your iPhone! third row seat, factory air compressor in rear, and Amp Research electronic side steps. This H2 has it all! Speed, Looks, Sound, Navigation, everything!! No expense was spared! It has so much power you won’t believe it! With the duel fuel pumps, you never have any lag, instant power whenever you want it! But you can just cruise so comfortably as well. It’s the ultimate H2!

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West Coast Customs Film Shoot on Discovery HD

Predator teamed up with West Coast Customs, Dell Computers, Alienware and Marines Special Opperations 1st Battalion for an upcomming TV show on Discover HD called Steet Customs. In this eppisode Ryan Friedllinghaus from West Coast Customs calls Ryan Wilson from Predator for the ultimate Hummer H1 build for Alienware. This eppisode is guaranteed to be exciting and will air early in January 2011. Check back for more information on the air dates and times. You wont want to miss this!

Check out the pictures in our Predator Gallery.

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Bill Wu – Rally Racer

Bill Wu - Rally Racer

Bill Wu retired as a doctor several years ago to pursue professional rally street racing. He has raced consecutively in professional street races for the last 4 years. Traveling around the world he races in the Gum Ball 3000, the Bull Run and many other rally style street races. For the past several years Bill has been racing one of his fleet of Lamborghini Mercialgos. Then in 2005, after deciding to look for a different style of vehicle to race, he came to Predator to build a custom flat black H2 Duramax Diesel Hummer. Once the conversion on his H2 Hummer was completed, he used the vehicle as a support unit for his Lamborghini.

On the last leg of the Gumball 3000 race, his Lamborghini Mercialgo broke down. Bill Wu decided that the H2 Diesel Duramax Hummer would take him to the end of the race. Problem was, his H2 Hummer was registered in the Gum Ball 3000 as a support vehicle and therefore was not eligible to place in the actual race. Despite that issue, he jumped into the Predator built Duramax H2 support vehicle to continue on the race leaving the broken down Lamborghini on the side of the road. His Hummer went on to place 2nd overall even though the vehicle wasn’t technically in the race! Since then, Bill has consistently placed in the top 3 positions for each of the races he has competed in using the Predator H2 as his race vehicle. With a top speed of 160mph and a range of over 1200 miles between refuels, the Predator H2 Duramax Diesel Hummer is sure to win many more races! Recently, Bill just landed a position on the new reality tv show “Bull Run”, set to air this next summer. Bill’s next project with us includes a fully ground up restoration on an H1 Hummer Race Truck. Equipment includes the latest performance upgrades such as a dual ball bearing GT 42R Turbo, RapTorq High Performance Race Tune, Dual Fueler CP3 Pump Kit, Predator Stage V Transmission Upgrade Kit, High Performance Fuel Rail, and Predator RapJet Stage 3 Injectors which would allow the truck to push the 1000hp and 1900ft/lbs of torque range. Fuel economy will also be important, as Bill will be racing the Gumball 3000 race this coming year. The Gumball 3000 is a race that stretches over 3000 miles from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida in seven days with over 120 Race Cars. Interior options will include a full custom Blacked Out theme using the highest quality leather and suede materials available. Additionally, the vehicle will be outfitted with a CB radio, Sideband Radio, VHF Radio, full navigation system, and police scanner.

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Caleb Bailey – Storm Chaser

Caleb Bailey Storm Chaser

Caleb Bailey has always been fascinated by severe weather, but when his home town was hit in May 2002 by an F4 tornado, he found his passion as a storm chaser. He has been flirting with Mother Nature’s fury ever since.

After several years of storm chasing in his pickup truck, Caleb realized that he was limited to only catching storms along paved roads. With a storm chasing pick-up truck, he feared getting stuck on one of the hundreds of dirt roads in the rural areas of the Midwest. Therefore, Caleb bought an H1 Hummer and thanks to Predator Motorsports fantastic work and famous Duramax conversion, it is now his dream chase vehicle.

As a Storm Chaser, Caleb Bailey drives in a 4 seater Hummer H1 Wagon with a Baron Doppler Radar, GR Analyst, Datastorm Satellite Dish, Swift wx, Lightning Detector, Anemometer, Thermo Hygrometer, Barometer, Altimeter, Garman GPS, Pioneer GPS, Emtac GPS, Iridium satellite phone, Broadband Internet, In motion DirecTV, Pioneer local TV tuner, NOAA weather Radio, CB Radio, not to mention a powerful Duramax Diesel Engine that can take this vehicle anywhere. This H1 Hummer has unsurpassed entertainment to pass travel time between storm systems. Every passenger gets their own window seat, each equipped with a 7 inch TV screen with built in DVD player and access to the Doppler Radar for easy viewing and an individual XM radio. As a passenger, you can also watch satellite TV on a flipdown monitor, or surf the Internet via a laptop equipped with a Broadband card.

In the Predator H1 Diesel Duramax Hummer, Caleb’s team can intercept a storm and not have to worry about flooded or muddy roads. With it’s 18 inches of ground clearance and 38 inch tires the Hummer can easily go through 3 feet of water, crawl over branches and debris in the road and get in or out of the path of any storm.

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Predator Duramax Hummer unveiled at ComicCon

July 21, 2010

Predator Duramax Hummer unveiled at ComicCon with West Coast Customs for computer giant Alienware!

Just in time for this week’s Comic Con, Predator Inc. teams up with West Coast Customs to unveiled its customized Hummer for computer game maker Alienware.com. It’s a beast.

There’s no soft edges to this Hummer. West Coast Customs, best known as the outfit that started MTV’s Pimp My Ride, made this one tough with trail lights and lots of other do-dads. Predator Inc. built the Duramax Hummer H1 and turned it over to WCC for the final build out for Alienware.

It’s going to be shown at the big comic book convention in San Diego, then it hits the road for a 2 year long tour through the US.

Watch for the complete build out on WCC’s Street Customs TV show on Discovery HD this fall! Its going to be insane!

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Press Release – H2 Hummer to a GM Duramax Diesel Engine and Allison 6-speed Transmission

Vista Calif., November 13, 2006 / PRWeb — Predator Motorsports Inc. today announced that it has released an economical conversion to increase the efficiency of the H2 Hummer for lower green house gas emissions and an increase in fuel economy of 100-180% depending upon options.

Predator Motorsports Inc. has developed a conversion for the H2 Hummer to a GM Duramax Diesel Engine and Allison 6-speed Transmission. The conversion for the GM Hummer H2 to Diesel doubles the fuel economy from 12 mpg to 24 mpg under the performance setting and can increase the fuel economy upwards of 30 mpg under an economy setting.

“The key to this efficiency”, said Dan Wilson, Predator Engineer, “is the ability to offer our customers the select ability of 2wd or 4wd with the push of a button as apposed to the stock GM Hummer H2 in full time All Wheel Drive. Couple this with the efficiency of the Duramax Diesel LBZ Engine and the 6-Speed Allison Transmission and we have created a very efficient vehicle.”

The conversion consists of removing the stock 6.0 liter Gas Engine, 4-speed Transmission and the All Wheel Drive Transfer Case. Then a brand new Duramax LBZ Engine, 6-Speed Allison Transmission and Selectable Transfercase are installed. Along with this, multiple computers, cooling upgrades and wiring harnesses are installed to complete the conversion. Predator offers many options such as performance upgrades boasting up to 800 hp and fuel economy upgrades which can top out your economy in the low 30 mpg range.

Predator also offers several Flex Fuel options for the GM H2 Duramax Conversion. “Economy is at the forefront of our conversion”. Said Ryan Wilson, President. “To maintain a future for our children we must all start to make a difference today. We have many options for our customers including the option of running Bio Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and hybrid fuels including Propane and Natural Gas.”

About Predator Motorsports, Inc.

Predator Motorsports, Inc., Vista, Calif., is the world’s largest exclusive Hummer accessory manufacturer. Predator has been in business for 9 years distributing their products and services to the Hummer community.

Brand websites include: www.predatormotorsports.com, www.predatorhummer.com

Predator Motorsports Inc.

1250 Distribution Way • Vista, CA 92081

Phone 760-471-7058 • Fax 760-734-1749


PMI assumes no responsibility for misprints within this publication.

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